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What Keeping it Green
Means to Us

We all have the responsibility to act as caretakers of the environment. Yet every day we engage in practices that can have serious, long-term ecological consequences. The only way to conserve and protect our resources is to consciously make better choices. It is the burden of this generation to change not only our own habits, but also our collective mindset as we move forward.


Cipriano Landscape Design regularly hosts workshops to educate the community, clients, students and fellow professionals on a wide range of landscaping topics. Those include:

• Sustainable Planting: Hosted at Cipriano Farm, these workshops focus mainly on herbaceous gardening, which gives homeowners a simple and productive method to incorporate flowers and vegetation into their landscape.

• Renewable Gardening: To help maintain the appearance of flowers and vegetation through each season, overall garden maintenance and pruning techniques are critical. This workshop covers the seasonal preparation of flowers including annuals, mums and bulbs to help homeowners achieve their desired look.

• Ponds: After attending a workshop at Cipriano Farm, attendees view the on-site one acre pond learn first-hand how they can make this attractive addition to their own backyards. Energy- and water conservation are among the topics discussed.

• Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting : Attendees are invited to view landscape lighting displays both at Cipriano Farm and area homes to learn how lighting can be used correctively and effectively to enhance outdoor environments. Energy conservation techniques are discussed.

• Conservation in Residential Landscaping: Workshops held to educate homeowners about the benefits of conserving assets in existing landscapes which will contribute to the new landscape environment. The focus is not just on aesthetics, but also on ways to incorporate ecologically sound practices. After a discussion, each participant receives a 10-minute consultation with a landscape architect who can recommend ways that their home might benefit from landscape conservation and enhancements. Each individual should bring pictures of their property and the dimensions of their land.

• Green Practices Through Landscape Architecture: This workshop gives interested students an introduction to landscape architecture. Among the topics discussed are design and environmental responsibility; Eliminating material waste through proper planning and budgeting; and educating the client on the balanced utilization of their property. The workshops take place either at Cipriano Farms or in a classroom setting.

Landscape Design/Implementation

Interns centrally focused within the landscape design and implementation area will become familiar with the layout of new planting areas; materials research; and the importance of balance within landscapes. This internship includes both research and hands-on experience.

Ways Our Company is
“Keeping It Green”

“Since so many companies and individuals continue to ignore the changes in our atmosphere, it has become obvious that our environment likely will change us. That is, unless we can amend our habits and adopt more ecologically sound practices before it’s too late.” – Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Landscape Design

Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Landscape Design and Founder of the Cipriano Keeping It Green Foundation made a conscious decision to “go green” both in his professional and personal life. It was—and is—his hope that by modeling sound environmental practices and by encouraging others to do the same, that the preservation and protection of our natural resources becomes a way of life for us all. Some of the company’s efforts include the following:

• Promoting healthy living through the preservation of natural resources found on projects such as mature trees and the reuse of healthy plants.

• Reducing the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), commonly employed in standard masonry projects. In fact, VOCs have practically been eliminated from the company’s projects to provide a safer work atmosphere for clients and employees.

• Utilizing drip irrigation systems in the planting beds which provide a huge reduction in water usage and is more beneficial to the health of trees and plants.

• Offering a high efficiency swimming pool package which reduces fuel consumption by 45%.

• Minimizing the waste from a project through the continual evaluation of products and processes.

• Reducing the environmental impact of the company’s vehicle fleet. In the past three years, Cipriano Landscape Design has spent more than $250,000 to update its vehicles so they adhere to more stringent company standards. To date, the company’s overall fuel consumption has been cut in half.

• Implementing an environmentally sensitive pest management program. Integrated Pest Management is a voluntary program recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces the risks posed by pesticide use by incorporating common-sense methods of pest control.

• Sharing information with other industry professionals to promote the constant improvement of sustainable landscapes and reconnecting with nature through environmental stewardship.


Internships provided by Cipriano Landscape Design are available to students in all grades. Interns are exposed to a full range of industry practices and receive duties based on their prior knowledge and experience.


Interns centrally focused within the horticulture area will become familiar with the maintenance and selection of in-farm and residential plant material. The students shadow a horticulture specialist for an entirely hands-on experience.

Green Practices Through Landscape Architecture

This workshop gives interested students an introduction to landscape architecture. Among the topics discussed are design and environmental responsibility; Eliminating material waste through proper planning and budgeting; and educating the client on the balanced utilization of their property. The workshops take place in a classroom setting.

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